While there are a growing number of online hotel booking sites that offer a multitude of accommodation available through the so called "Last Minute"sites, the relevance of these sites is diminishing. A survey by Bid2Travel.com shows that the "Last Minute deal" concept websites are losing ground as one can fetch better deals from the hotels directly. Bid2Travel.com combines all the features of the ‘last minute’ sites, enabling the customer to make a bid for up to three hotels for a particular night, 28 days prior to that night. Thus, Bid2travel.com makes the customer negotiate with the hotel directly for the best deal.

The Bid2travel concept is globally unique as there is complete lucidity regarding the type of room, hotel & its location for which a customer bids, unlike other websites that do not disclose these details and ask the customer for blind bidding.

Though Bid2travel.com is an online business, we are committed to offer personal service to our users to ensure highest level of customer and supplier satisfaction.

We hope that you find our concept and services helpful, both as a hotelier or as a potential guest in search of a good deal.